Elite Health is the pinnacle of wellness, where age does not dictate ability. Scientifically, Elite Health is optimal metabolic function, the state in which all body systems are performing efficiently, which gives you the energy to see more, do more, and be more, no matter what stage of life you’re in. It is stepping into every new decade with new ambition. Elite Health is the freedom to live without limitation, and it’s through a healthy mind and body that this freedom is realized.


For decades, nutritional supplements have helped people target different body systems; however, these solutions have not adequately addressed what is now understood to be at the core of overall health.

Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered a fascinating inner-ecosystem within each of us called the microbiome. This complex network of bacteria, fungi, and microflora reside primarily in the gut and impact the health of virtually every system in the human body. The microbiome accounts for 90% of the cells that create YOU. These cells can work for you or against you.


Working with scientists, researchers, and medical doctors at the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, Synergy WorldWide has carefully engineered proprietary solutions designed to Purify, Fortify, and Protect the body, all beginning with the microbiome.


Synergy’s one-week Purify Kit is comprised of patented products clinically tested to give your microbiome the overhaul it needs to start clean and fuel good health.

The primary objective of this step is to begin microbiome purification, followed by a nutritious diet of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. By reducing the consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars, your microbiome will be fueled by healthy nutrition that stimulates optimal performance.


Purify Kit

The Purify Kit contains: Biome DT, Biome Shake, Biome Actives, Body Prime und ProArgi-9+.


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